***** Mnek - Colour (official Video) Ft. Hailee Steinfeld *****

***** Mnek - Colour (official Video) Ft. Hailee Steinfeld *****

***** Mnek - Colour (official Video) Ft. Hailee Steinfeld *****

    Published date 28 Jun 2018

MNEK – Colour (ft Hailee Steinfeld) is available to stream or ***** here now:

before you came into my life
everything was black and white
now all I see is colour
like a rainbow in the sky
so tell me your love will never fade
that I wont see no clouds of grey
cos I dont want another
you bring colour to my life baby

(verse 1)
life was so heavy
I was giving up na na
but since you came along Im
light as a feather oh yeah
you give me something
incredible, sensational baby
when were together, everything is better my darling only you can brighten up my day you make everything change, you rearrange so dont go away let me tell you


(verse 2)
i never thought that i would meet anybody who knows my body how you know my body
i can’t deny it see i stick around cos we paint the town anyway that we want it like
red and yellow and pink and green that’s what i see when you’re here with me
everything is brighter cos the limit is the sky baby that’s the way you make me feel
you know that only you can brighten up my day
you chase all those grey clouds away
you helped me find a brand new shade of me yeah
you make everything change, you rearrange so dont ever fade don’t fade don’t fade don’t fade you bring the colour x3

(chorus 2x)

  • Grand Hustle Grand Hustle
    His this dude *****??
  • Makiya Mayes Makiya Mayes
    I'm here for both
  • Devine power Devine power
    I wish hailee to make a song with kygo. Kygo's ***** and hailee's voice will make perfect combo
    Can I cover your video clips?😂
  • Alex Moțăscu Alex Moțăscu
    Nici nu esti ***** asa.
    Antes todo era blanco y *****, pero, después de esta canción me siento mejor. 🎇🎆
  • Lottie Cunningham Lottie Cunningham
    Woah if you put it on 0.25x at the end where it's slow it's adorable because you can hear hailee properly
  • Anime Gurlz Anime Gurlz
  • Jamelia Lou Arcilla Jamelia Lou Arcilla
    Hailee kind of looks like Khloe lol
  • Amal _f Amal _f
    I think it was a bad idea when you put a *****s men in this video clip 😷 !!
  • Clarissa Aurelia Clarissa Aurelia
    I love his smile
  • Clarissa Aurelia Clarissa Aurelia
    He's *****?
  • Olivia Abc Olivia Abc
    1:24 does that look like Tupac or is that just me?
  • Endang Herminy Endang Herminy
    Good song
  • Ozung Jamir Ozung Jamir
    Wow it's so perfect...!!!!love u both.....kpopper here!!!
  • Ems Kookie Ems Kookie
    Awesome track t*****. Listen at least once a day and such a mood booster!
  • Kevin Llanto Kevin Llanto
    This song makes me so Happy for some reason.
  • K G K G
    Official lgbtq anthem 😊
  • Prosto Uzbagoysya Prosto Uzbagoysya
    Kinda *****, but i like it!
  • Nona Trya Nona Trya
    arrrrgggg DOPE ;)
  • Rakai Amiluhung Rakai Amiluhung
    Really good song. But it's so ashamed that there are so many laki2 tulang lunak in there😑
  • joyzie aguacito joyzie aguacito
    i didn't expect this girL oh HAILEE ur so *****t for my seen .. thumbs up gorgeos !
  • 〜OTAKU〜すぬゥー。 〜OTAKU〜すぬゥー。
    Hailee Steinfeldやっぱ最高😍MNEKここで初めて知った他のも聞いてみよ。
  • 허회진 허회진
    just good !
  • Bashista Debbarma Bashista Debbarma
    That lady on 2.10 was in never forget you video
  • Jason Valdez Jason Valdez
    This song *****s *****
  • Heather Belfort Heather Belfort
    This is such a good song! It deserves more than 12 million views
  • Roneve Smith Roneve Smith
    Oh, so he wanna dem fem boys huh. I t*****ught so.
  • Trendyxx Trendyxx
    This song's beat reminds me of another song but I just can't remember what that song is called and I'm stressin over it
  • andrea jooste andrea jooste
    Awe I LOVE Hailee ♥️
  • thomas fallon thomas fallon
    Why is there a clock in the video. 0:08
  • Carlos Alberto Pujols Hernandez Carlos Alberto Pujols Hernandez
    A great c*****rus always makes me like a song!!! “ before you came into my life, everything was black and white..... 🎵🎵🤟🏽🕺
  • TARDIS Whovian TARDIS Whovian
    I read a comment and now I know why this sounds so familiar and catchy! The beat is so much like the Rugrats theme song!
  • Ilmari Heinonen Ilmari Heinonen
    demonstration sight average weight country outer killer attract black annual.
  • Rubie Ann Gariza Rubie Ann Gariza
    This is really great🤣
  • arib abrar arib abrar
    I'm here for hailee because I love her song.I love you Hailee
  • تعالوا نحكي تعالوا نحكي
    I love it
  • Yeona army Yeona army
    I like it 💭🌸
  • Christian Rabino Christian Rabino
    The ***** is not just because of Hailee's familiar voice but it is MNEK itself, I think i will now have a new set of al*****s/*****s to stream. #MNEK
  • Rebecca Rebecca
    so no one is gunna talk about *****w this song is the same as todrik halls' song color?????
  • anony mous anony mous
    wow mnek... didn't think of you this way
  • Athina170787 Athina170787
    hailee turned too *****y too soon. and this red vinyl costume doesn't even match the video.
  • Jessica  Licorish Jessica Licorish
    This song slightly reminds me of the script rain ☔️ but both amazing songs ❤️
  • Rabiah Auleear Rabiah Auleear
    I came here from remi videi
  • Blessing Ncube Blessing Ncube
    Vicky and Army you tube couple used to hangout with Mnek anyone knows what happened to the couple ?
  • Lara Streets Lara Streets
    Wait is this song for ***** Pride 🏳️‍🌈 bc it’s perfect for it ❤️❤️
  • meebeepup meebeepup
    oh my. abs.
  • Dr. Blobfish Dr. Blobfish
    The ***** video....jut no but the song is pretty good
    The meaning is deeper than a knife wound ❤️💯🔥
  • Emanuelle Pereira Emanuelle Pereira
    She is actress?
  • Niall Fitzgerald Niall Fitzgerald
    This is sick
  • Ahmad Usop Ahmad Usop
    That red and yellow and pink and green part just can't get out of my head now
  • Allison Seifert Allison Seifert
    i love this song!!!
  • Siriginedi Aditya Siriginedi Aditya
    i love pop but heliee im ur fan i know u put heart on ur songs but mnek he is odd
  • Peanuts Peanuts
    when the song just s*****ed I t*****ught it is like "all falls down" by Alan Walker. The ***** is ***** awesome
  • Gabe New Gabe New
    Pause at 3:02. Thank me later
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    this is a bop shishters
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    Love you Haileeeeeee are da bestt
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  • 유람선 유람선
  • Erdene Barh Erdene Barh
    Good song
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    melambaiiiii hadoooh
  • animenotenemy animenotenemy
    Such a good song
  • Helas Gaming Helas Gaming
    i'm here because hailee steinfeld hahahaha
  • Ekinadese Akhimien Ekinadese Akhimien
    Powerful collaboration and yes it's officially the song of the summer. ❤❤❤❤
  • Mabel Pines Mabel Pines
    Hailee is so freaking beautiful
  • Carisa Laine Carisa Laine
    Love this song but I think Hailee forgot to dry her hair before they s*****t this video! ;p
  • Samantha Steinhauer Samantha Steinhauer
  • Samantha Steinhauer Samantha Steinhauer
  • Samantha Steinhauer Samantha Steinhauer
  • Araiza Ramos Araiza Ramos
    MNEK so cute 😍💖
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  • Yo! its your girl Grace! Yo! its your girl Grace!
    I love you *****!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤💕💕👑your the king of fame!
  • Michelle Williams Michelle Williams
    Green not blue see that's why your better
  • Michelle Williams Michelle Williams
    I love your ***** you are like the best before you came into my life everything was black and white red and yello pink and blue only you can brighten up my day don't fade don't fade you bring the colours you bring the colours yeah sorry it's not in tune your better
  • Rizaldy Demerin Rizaldy Demerin
    Hailee is so incredible
  • Bayu Adhi Bayu Adhi
    dope and underratedLOVE THIS ONE!
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    best ***** videos i ever seen
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    3:11 *****???????? Aren't kids *****ing this?
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    THIS song brings colour to my life ❤❤
  • Silver Silver
    one question is he ***** , no offense
  • Donnie Bun Donnie Bun
    Hailee could have followed MNEK on Instagram at least!?!
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    Top 10 of my favorite songs
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