***** Drake - "in My Feelings" Dance (kiki Challenge In Public!!) - Shiggy Challenge *****

***** Drake - "in My Feelings" Dance (kiki Challenge In Public!!) - Shiggy Challenge *****

***** Drake - "in My Feelings" Dance (kiki Challenge In Public!!) - Shiggy Challenge *****

  • QPark QPark
    Published date 11 Aug 2018

DRAKE - "In My Feelings" Dance (KEKE CHALLENGE IN PUBLIC!!) - Shiggy Challenge
This is me doing the dance Drake In my Feelings and doing the Kiki challenge and shiggy challenge in public on the streets of NYC. Kiki do you love me challenge level 9000!

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For sure I did some dancing in public also lol. In my Feelings Drake and the Kiki Challenge has been everywhere (Keke do you love me) and stuck in my head since they came out and what better way to to do an Drake dance, In My Feelings challenge dance and KIKI dance and keke dance challenge than to sing this in public. I have been addicted to singing reggaeton in public dancing reggaeton in public and dancing kpop in public but i also get down with Drake. When youre so into Drake, you might end up singing in public too. Welcome to my in my feelings challenge, Drake!

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