***** Trump Isnt Taking A Vacation From Lying *****

***** Trump Isnt Taking A Vacation From Lying *****

***** Trump Isnt Taking A Vacation From Lying *****

  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    Published date 10 Aug 2018

Donald Trumps most impressive score over his vacation wasnt registered on the golf course. Its the 132 verified lies hes told.

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  • eddsramm1 eddsramm1
    Donald chump is not only a corrupt racist moron but im sure he has severe mental *****ation just like his supporters and all fox employees. He will ruin this country, I guess its ok to let him ***** president for a little bit but we had enough. Arrest now!
  • hobbicles28 hobbicles28
    Some are saying Trump is Qanon. In fact on a youtube comment section I read a comment that read "TRUMP is QANON" It must be true because I have not found a comment saying he is not QAnon. Scarey *****e eh?
  • Tynesha Claiborne Tynesha Claiborne
  • Joe Mendez Joe Mendez
    Tthanks, Colbert. You make these *****rrible trump times easy to carry. wit*****ut your humor it would probably be a lot more painful.
  • Gigatony Gigatony
    Democrats: "He lies ! he lies !! he lies !!!!!"A sane in*****idual: "He lies about what ?"Democrats:"Shut up and repeat !"
  • Katharina Nachname Katharina Nachname
    3:20 did the sword go into his pantd or come out of em?
  • walkingdeadman19 walkingdeadman19
    I barely say 19 things during an ordinary day, let alone 19 lies ...
  • M B M B
    lol hilarious
  • Peter S Peter S
  • V V
    Liar In Chief, POS.
  • Channel7609 Channel7609
    Colbert retireing anytime soon? "Jokes" are getting old.
  • Diamond Gold Diamond Gold
    Obamas tracker is the deceiving Zombie Equalizer. Get them now in Rainbow Land next to the unicorn w***** thinks it was born a leprechaun.
  • Frank McManus Frank McManus
    "Infinity Peach" Lol! ***** jokes ftw!
  • Nova Nova
    I use to love Colbert. I even bought his book :( Now I think he is a s***** bag w***** has zero integrity
  • Jesse Tombstone Jesse Tombstone
    Late Night Talk S*****w parasites, don't take a vacation from running their big mouths!
  • bhutheman Akuma bhutheman Akuma
    I wonder if Trump *****es these s*****ws talking about him imagining him sitting down with Diet *****e in his hand spitting on the TV while he's on the toilet
  • Gabriel Vazquez Gabriel Vazquez
  • NW Hunter NW Hunter
    You people are CRAZY! You call t*****se lies Trump has brought many companies back to the USA by cutting regulations what makes you think another isn’t opening in the near future? Colbert lies to you snowflakes every day. Trump is cool
  • Urethra Grundle Urethra Grundle
    Trump 2020
  • Suck It Suck It
    Wow crowd sounds so bored and tired. Laughs sound scripted. Other than lame jokes like "Fibbit", this is just a CNN rerun.
  • William Myers William Myers
    Must be tough to have so little integrity as a comedian that all you can do is talk about trump. Like prison oh well mockingbirds must mock.
  • Mitch Kettles Mitch Kettles
    The Oscars are ridiculous anyways. I don't need a bunch of stuffy fat cats telling me what movies are good. I know what I like
  • Ojas Padekar Ojas Padekar
    S*****uld have called it the Fib*****!
  • Tyler Lee Myles Tyler Lee Myles
    Quoting Canadian press
  • Ellies world Ellies world
    Trump IS a compolsive liar so this isnt suprising
  • Melissa E. Noble Melissa E. Noble
    I want to go see the Mr Rogers doc film..I hear it's quite wonderful.. He too was an activist on his s*****w.
  • Greedo Shot First Greedo Shot First
    Your s*****w is terrible and your not funny. I think we all understand orange man bad
  • nayinayi1 nayinayi1
    LOL - someone is keeping track?
  • jace plaine jace plaine
    everyone here must have their knitted pink hat on. hate too burst your bubble trump is your president,
  • Philip Merewood Philip Merewood
    Q anon says once he gets up to 17 lies per day then he will transcend normal human trivialities
  • Tina Dudley Tina Dudley
  • Slav Gaming Slav Gaming
    He fired Comey because Rod Rosenstein wrote the letter to do so, and now he oversees the investigation because Sessions 're*****ed' himself.
  • Slav Gaming Slav Gaming
    Do you shill for the Democratic Party or do you shill for the CIA?
  • Morgan Farrell Morgan Farrell
    That's not a sword.
  • Mike Hess Mike Hess
    turkey and other countries search new way so USA loose....Trump make USA great again? Trump kill USA
  • Mohit Gadre Mohit Gadre
    Trump cheats on a lot of things. His facts, his wives, and his diet
  • Angelica Kitali Angelica Kitali
  • Puttentane Same Puttentane Same
    Delutional Donald is finally the greatest at something...
  • Mike Hess Mike Hess
    Trump is a zionist and do only chaos in the world. More and more countrys hate USA
    Remember, he has more records than Elton John!😉
  • Emma Renee Emma Renee
    I really don't think Trump could tell the truth if he tried, pretty sure lying is like breathing for him.
  • Dean Dean
    Democrats are the worst kind of bigots.
  • Roman Darius Roman Darius
    Every late night talk s*****w is saying the exact same thing, and it's not because they are all leftist white males (where's the *****ersity?) it's because the Elite are telling them to say this. The Elite could not buy President Trump, he already had too much money, so if they can't own him, they can't tell the President which country to go to war with next.
  • TheDarkPan TheDarkPan
    The sooner Trump is impeached,the sooner there will be credibility to so many of the charges!
  • Pamela Timmins Pamela Timmins
    Trump can't get through a day wit*****ut lying. *****w would you keep your lies straight if you lie so much? Maybe that is why he tweets so much to keep a record of what he said and when. Giuliani is a joke, I would subpoena Trump and ask him anything I want if I was Mueller. You are hysterical Stephen keep us laughing
  • wrthrash wrthrash
    Stephen is not funny enough to be a joke. This is the worst TV s*****w I have ever seen, retire Steve, enough already, even your family hates you, much less 80% of SC.
  • hugh jorgan hugh jorgan
    Once again Colbert lies-by-omission. He fails to add context or balance to his 'satire'. Missed opportunity. I think it would've been funny to compare Obama and Hillary's lies to Trumps, particularly in terms of egregiousness. For example, Colbert could've mentioned Obama's famous lie on the Affordable Care Act (Obama-care), which was repeated 37 times by him and his administration. It was PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year" for 2013! In other words, it was egregious. Seems like it would've been a good thing for Colbert to mention. You know, for the comedic effect...
  • Bucky Pinata Bucky Pinata
    Still waiting for someone to point out where Trump is lying.....and with facts, not headlines, innuendo and speculation......
  • Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro
    When Thanos takes it off that glove, t*****se fingers are gonna snap something else
  • B H Mch B H Mch
    If Trump had pinnochios nose we could dig in Mars for water with it.
  • Caroline Schoenheim Caroline Schoenheim
    Pat*****logical narcissists, borderliners, etc are notorious for lying...m they lie just to lie-often for no reason. I grew up with a very similar to Trump parent-she lied from morning to night ..for no reason. It's insane but these sorts have no problem with it, it's as natural for them as truth telling is to most. The sun might be shining no cloud in sight yet they will do everything to convince you a storm is coming. If you counter THEM you're the liar. Insane? You better believe it.
  • Lyndon Gloag Lyndon Gloag
    So according to the Fox news *****st,its basically unfair to question Trump because he will lie and that will lead to impeachment...interesting take
  • Eric Storm Eric Storm
    And this a*****le isn’t taking a vacation from just that, being a*****le prime to his indoctrinated marxist zombie supporters.
  • ArnoldVeeman ArnoldVeeman
    3:28 exactly! No more generic stuff please... this can be generated with AI and stuff. Cool for games, but not for movies
  • DPowered Smith DPowered Smith
    Are they even trying? I mean you can't call fake news because these are pro trump people saying these things in his defense...
  • Katy Gaddis Katy Gaddis
    Wow, the pot trying to call the kettle black. Remember, "all liars are going to *****. REPENT!! Love n Christ, a black man, daughter of Zion aka the daughter of His ppl, a black woman, Jer 6:2, 8:19-22, Is 14:32, et als, KJV ONLY
  • Russ Wilson Russ Wilson
    If you lie for a living, it doesn't matter where you go. If you keep lying, you aren't on vacation.
  • Dog Man Dog Man
    Now that's comical....little stevey colbert talking about someone else lying! *****!
  • H I H I
    The Toronto Star is liberal garbage. They have used these "lie" articles even during the campaign wit*****ut doing the same for Hilary.
  • Uphold the Constitution Uphold the Constitution
    Support RICHARD PAINTER!!! His YouTube page is getting barely any Hits. Stephen please bring up and INTERVIEW RICHARD PAINTER. HE IS A GOOD MAN!!!
  • leah careli leah careli
    if trump is so bad why do all of these celebs and liberals want you to give him your gun rights asap so you cant protect yourself from a corrupt government?
  • cgletts cgletts
    *****w much money did cuckbert donate to the losing campaign? *****thurrtt
  • Jimbo Jimbob Jimbo Jimbob
    That's funny Stephen this clip from Congress s*****ws Trey Gowdy going after Mueller's boss for wasting tax dollars on a p*****ny collusion ac*****ation with no evidence to link Trump or his campaign and no impact from the Russians that tried to hack …. imagine that Russians trying to spy and gain information like we do. Guess that makes you >>>> FAKE NEWS*****?v=SahkhLBxGic&t=50s
  • wt ht wt ht
    So lying is wrong? But murdering millions of baby's every year is ok ?Same ***** marriage is ok?***** help us!
  • justinutube justinutube
    I think it's time to retire that outtro *****. It's kind of jarring at the end of these vids. Try something a little more mellow
  • T-Bone T-Bone
    Despite the political commentary... does anyone actually find this content funny anymore? I'm from Canada and I used to be a pretty big fan of Stephen Colbert. His content has become extremely repe*****ive and boring. He was a lot more entertaining when he was the under-dog side card off the Daily S*****w.
  • fear me fear me
    READ THIS LIB*****S            FORBESMay 29, 2018, 07:50amWhy Trump May Be Hard to Beat in 2020
  • Ken L Ken L
    Looks like Trump scored again. Must have a new supplier.
  • Raeda Masri Raeda Masri
  • Bobby Mulligan Bobby Mulligan
    Ladies and gentlemen, corporate media shill, Stephen Colbert.
  • The Master Grief Collection The Master Grief Collection
    Don Jr is wonderful? Some might say it's just a opinion but dude....... We're past that *****in *****. It's a fact that he's garbage and totally not wonderful lol.
  • megfunful megfunful
    He has nothing to do except lie and does not have anybody to control him like in the WH.
  • Deborah Thompson Deborah Thompson
    EVERY TIME I get used to *****ing you guys every morning when I get up, you stop posting the videos!!! What, you don't get any credit for people *****ing on YouTube? You know you do! I can't stay up till late night to ***** Stephen I need to have the videos posted every day come on periods very aggravating periods like a kick in the gut when I go to *****ing the next morning and because I want a good laugh in the morning and there's nothing there. Please think about this and take it to him and see what he says. I'm not going to say it because you don't believe me. I work early in the morning so I can't.
  • X Watson X Watson
    He is hard-working on lying
  • Armando7654 Armando7654
    He's "lying" ACCORDING TO....PROFESSIONAL LIARS. THAT'S *****w he is "lying". Now clap
  • Jim Battersbee Jim Battersbee
    Laugh while you can America but the *****'s about to hit the fan, you elected these lying con artists, now get ready to pay the price.
  • Chumbo001 Chumbo001
  • pauly G pauly G
    Make America Great Again !
  • She Y She Y
    The fib bit. Sooo funny. Love it.
  • T. Shrine T. Shrine
    Stephen Colbert has the worst ratings in late night TV, do you think it's his stupid propaganda? LOL! 😬👍 YEP!!!
  • MrAdvance2go MrAdvance2go
    The level of malfeasance exhibited by Congressional Republicans and the current Administration is unprecedented.Anyone w***** graduated high sc*****ol, (sorry Trump supporters) can see this.
  • Abhijit Jain Abhijit Jain
    Do the jetpack man every day!
  • James Stewart James Stewart
    I didnt know you have an option to talk to investigators when they are investigating a crime. Someone s*****uld have let all the rest of the criminals know. His followers are brainwashed like the jim jones congregation or some other cult.
  • Yellow Submarine Yellow Submarine
    Telling truth you mean!
  • michael b michael b
    Trump derangement syndrome in full affect,get help Stephen😴😴😴😴😴😴
  • Tina Coruth Tina Coruth
    FibBit 🤣 One look at him and you know he does not have a Fit Bit. Here’s an incentive for him to get fit. Hey, trump, Obama was the most fit president ever! 😊
  • fedtetlyn fedtetlyn
    As an European, I can't wrap my head around *****w Trump is still president.. really *****pe he's soon replaced by someone with an actual conscience. America has too much power to let an agry toddler sitting at the wheel.
  • Michael Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald
    Is this man *****
  • Michael Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald
    And you are not taking a vacation from STUPID
  • Leanne Blake Leanne Blake
    The Persons previous Comment. Is Fantastic, I totally agree .
  • Frits Thomassen Frits Thomassen
    sorry but the "thats like" humor of colbert is getting a bit boring
  • Anthony Knight Anthony Knight
    I don’t know w***** does the captions for Stephen Colbert’s videos, but they need to get their ***** together😂
  • GenguMain 69 GenguMain 69
    Why does YouTube like mainstream media so much
  • Samuel Yeo Samuel Yeo
    Lying is Trump's way of, marriage, women
  • Gnorts Mr Alien Gnorts Mr Alien
    Trump cultists like it when he lies to them. They don't care about the truth, as long as it makes "the libs" mad. They have absolutely no shame.
  • CJ Ellsen CJ Ellsen
    I believe his voters are putting up with the lies because the don't believe he lies to them, but are mocking the establishment with it. Strange behavior.
  • freaker126 freaker126
    president trump. the liar-in-chief! :p
  • Frank Zip Frank Zip
    Stephen Colbert you're one of the most ta*****ted smartest quick Savvy people that I've ever seen on camera. I used to love your old s*****w as well. But the propaganda is obvious! I know you can't hate Trump that much🤔. In a personal sense it just s*****ws *****w much that they make you constantly talk about Trumpyou're so obsessed with him you might as well just ***** his ***** at one point talkin about him gives him more power stop talking about it but I know you don't want to but the powers to be your like a puppet on the string but I still respect *****w well-educated inarticulate you could be with your words but every time I get a YouTube clip it's always about Trump it's just disgusting and pathetic and I know you're not obsessing over one man that much it's just a constant pressure from corporate to make you do it and you're willing to do anything just to keep that position. Which is understandable a lot of people would do it probably even me. LOL but it's pretty pathetic at this point
  • ominous ominous
    Stephen Colbert is wit*****ut trump just a ***** wit*****ut purpose. He has nothing else to talk about and this isn't funny anymore.
  • MavenDeo MavenDeo
    19 lies a day? My *****s! Trump is the dis*****nest version of Alice in Wonderland!